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The following governance structure was approved by an online vote of WAWN-L and Ning members prior to CCCC 2011, as reported in the Spring 2011 pilot issue of the WAW Newsletter. These bylaws have been replaced as of Spring 2016.

To view the current bylaws, see the Governance page. For a list of current officers, see the Leadership page.

Steering Committee Members


Submit the SIG proposal and plan and facilitate the SIG; work with the Workshop Proposer / Conference Organizer to ensure that a workshop is proposed for CCCC; organize elections for steering committee members and the next co-coordinator prior to each year’s CCCC.

TERMS: They will have staggered terms with each coordinator serving a total of three years. Following the 3-year term, each coordinator will serve as an unelected member of the steering committee for 1 year to ensure continuity.

Workshop Proposer/Conference Organizer

Work with a group to propose a workshop for CCCC and organize it; make long term plans for possible WAW conference(s).


Keeps membership records; records minutes at all meetings; and other duties as they develop.

Ning Coordinator & IT Sleuth

Maintain the Ning and add new members; identify online options for WAW resources; work with Resource Coordinator to share information and store data for WAW use.

Publications Editor & Coordinator

Work with a subcommittee to create an online and/or paper newsletter to share resources related to WAW and provide a publication outlet for WAW research and reflection.

Resource Coordinator

Work with IT Sleuth to set up and organize an online location for sharing WAW resources, including syllabi, articles, assessment plans, assignments; announce the resource location to members.

Voting Coordinator

Work with co-coordinators to set up online voting each year prior to CCCC; announce the voting;
remind people to vote; maintain voting site; ensure the slate is approved in a timely manner for voting.

WAWN and WAWN-L Maintenance

Maintain the listserv for the WAWN list (currently housed at U of Alberta); distribute newsletter and house PDFs of newsletter.

At-Large Members

Provide general support and feedback to other members of Steering Committee; serve on sub-committees and working groups as needed.


  • All WAW Ning and listserv members are eligible for nomination for steering committee positions.
  • All steering committee members are eligible for nomination for a Coordinator position.
  • Elections will be held (online) every year prior to CCCC.
  • Election results will be announced at the CCCC SIG, via the Ning, and via the WAWN listserv.
  • Elected members will officially begin their terms at CCCC each year.

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