How to Use this Site

Use the links below to find how-to videos and instructions for using the features of this site — especially for contributing your own content. If you have unanswered questions as you browse through the site, or other suggestions for what should appear on this page, please let us know! You can contact the site administrators, Geoff Clegg and Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, through the form that follows this table of contents.

Table of Contents

Contact the Site Administrators

How to create an account

Click the button at the left to “log in / view dashboard,” or scroll to the bottom and click “log in” under the Meta menu. On the login screen that appears, either use your existing WordPress account — see below — or click the “Register” link below the password entry form. If you don’t want to create a blog right now, you can sign up for just a WordPress username by clicking the link at the lower right of the registration screen, as shown in the picture below. (Don’t worry, you can always create your own new website later if you want.)

screenshot - wordpress register for just a username

Once you have a confirmed account, head back to this page and use the form above to let us know your username. We’ll get you added as an author straight away!

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How to add your own content to the site: posts

After joining the site, see the instructions below:

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How to add a new post in a particular category

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How to password protect an individual post

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How to get notified when new content is posted (via email or RSS)

There are several ways to subscribe to updates on the Writing About Writing site! Click below for…

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How to view or edit your own past posts

You always have the option of updating your post by changing text, images, attachments, categories, or tags; you can also delete your own past posts or change their password protection. For instructions, click here.
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How to reset your password (e.g. if you’ve lost it)

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