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To stay in touch with the WAW community, you can subscribe to the email list, subscribe to receive website updates, or contribute content. Here’s how to proceed:

Subscribe to the email list:
The Writing about Writing network email list is hosted by the U of Pittsburgh; sign up and view the archives there.

Subscribe to website updates:
To be notified when someone posts a new teaching resource, administrative resource, or link to a publication, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds for posts and/or comments.  Click the orange RSS icons in the left-hand menu bar. As an alternative, with a (free) account, you can click the blue Follow button at the left and receive updates by email: your choice of instant, daily, or weekly digests.

Contribute content to this website:
The more people who contribute resources to this site, the better!   Click the “GetHelp” button on the top of this page to learn more about creating an account and for a form to request “Author” access from the site admins. Once we approve the request, you’ll be able to create and edit posts and upload documents and images.

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