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Call for Participants for WPA Roundtable in WAW Next Steps Collection

Hi, All —

As you may be aware, Barb Bird, Doug Downs, Moriah McCracken, and Jan Reiman are editing a collection on Next Steps in Writing about Writing, a compendium of approaches to WAW assignments, courses, and programs by about 40 teachers and researchers from around the country.
One chapter we would like to include in that collection is a roundtable of WPAs who have built or are building programs that use WAW approaches. The roundtable will be a collaboration of 4-5 authors responding to a short series of questions we editors will pose about the challenges, strategies, and rewards of creating whole-program WAW instruction.
Currently we are building the roundtable, and we wanted to solicit participation from across WAW Standing Group membership in order to represent a good selection of institutional types and program configurations.
If you would be interested in writing short responses to a series of questions on being a WPA in a program using, or trying to use, WAW approaches, please e-mail us at nextstepswaw@gmail.com, telling us what type of institution your program is in and briefly detailing the nature of your program and its use of WAW approaches.
Cheers —
Doug Downs, Barb Bird, Moriah McCracken, and Jan Rieman