WAW Newsletter 2.1 (Spring 2012)

The first full issue of the newsletter. Includes two peer-reviewed articles:

  • “Introducing WAW: Grounding Negotiation in Assessment,” by Derek Risse, Jeff Pruchnik, Joseph Paszek, David MacKinder, Adrienne Jankens, Jared Grogan, and Gwen Gorzelsky
  • “Establishing Programmatic Support: A Writing About Writing Approach Proposal,” by Laurie Pinkert

Issue Masthead

  • Editor: I. Moriah McCracken
  • Associate Editor: Vanessa Borman
  • Advisory Board: Elizabeth Wardle, Doug Downs, Barbara Bird, David Slomp
  • Editorial Board: Betsy Sargent
  • Reviewers: Jasara Hines, Trent M. Kays, Sheila Kennedy, Steven Lessner, Benjamin Miller, Christy Wenger

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