WAW Standing Group Proposal for CCCC

The following text is from a recent proposal to the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). We share it here both as a template for future proposals and to give new participants a sense of what they can expect from the annual meeting.

Title of Session: Writing About Writing Development Standing Group Meeting

Area cluster: 7 (Institutional) – Other: Instructor Pedagogical Support

Participants: Co-Chairs

Abstracted Description (140 characters or less):
The WAW Standing Group’s meeting conducts the group’s business and lets members socialize and coordinate efforts in WAW pedagogy & research.

Description (7000 characters or less):
The Writing about Writing Development Standing Group’s meeting is an opportunity both for the group to conduct business related to maintaining the organization and, more importantly, for members of the WAW SG to meet at CCCC, socialize, exchange information about using WAW instructional approaches in their own programs, learn from others, and coordinate efforts in teaching and research.

The meeting opens with a plenary whole-group discussion allowing for any votes the steering committee has determined are necessary and for updates on the organization’s initiatives and work over the preceding year. The plenary discussion includes brief reports from various initiatives undertaken throughout the past year. Part of the plenary discussion is establishing what breakout groups for the remainder of the meeting will be interesting to those attending.

About 2/3s of meeting time is spent in breakouts of 4-8 members each, working on specific issues of interest. Some of the breakouts will include new members / attendees new to writing-about-writing pedagogies; research breakouts focusing on specific projects (such as ongoing studies, new publication efforts, or designing new research); and organizing groups for the coming year’s sponsored panel proposal and workshop development at next year’s C’s. Other breakout groups will be determined by group interest during the meeting.

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